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Some people are quite inquisitive with regards to the technical aspects of photography. Let me answer those questions now:

Most of my early work was done with a Nikon F and a variety of fixed focal length lenses. My film of choice was always Tri-X. While I generally processed with D-76, most of my European photos were done in Dektol, 1:2, for 2 minutes!

Later on, I added a Hasselblad and a Leica M-4. My commercial work was done initially with a Mamiya C-330. I also used a Mamiya RZ-67, a couple of 4X5's, and towards the end of my career I added a Rolleiflex. Ilford FP4 was utilized, processed in Pyro. Most images were printed on Forte Fortezo papers from Hungary, some on Agfa Portriga.

Currently, I shoot with a Nikon D850 and a Fujifilm X100F.

I do not manipulate images in Photoshop. Aside from density, contrast, and slight color corrections, what you see is what I saw.

self portrait #1.jpg

The photographer, 1969

The photographer, 2019

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